Industrial grade dual 4G LTE router with 4x Power over Ethernet LAN ports

The R2000 Dual from Robustel is an industrial grade 4G LTE router with two cellular modules and two SIM cards for multiple carriers and continuous cellular connections. This programmable router only needs 3 seconds to switch between two mobile networks in case of network failure.

Additionally, it also supports bandwidth bonding functionality to support higher data speed and better user experience. The 4 PoE (LAN) ports are IEEE802.3 at/af standard compatible and minimize installation costs in f.i. digital signage applications. The 802.11b/g/n/ WiFi connection supports AP and Client mode with data rate of 150Mbps.

The DI port provides ignition control when used in vehicle applications. When the vehicle is turned off the router switches automatically to a low power consumption mode to avoid excessive battery consumption. A secure and reliable power supply connection is made by a screw terminal block connector.

Similar to all router series,
R2000 Dual VPN router can be managed remotely by Robustlink & RobustVPN, the sophisticated cloud based device management software.

Key features

•  Dual cellular modules, running in parallel
•  Two SIM cards online simultaneous
•  Available with: Dual 4G, 4G+3G, Dual 3G , Single 4G or Single 3G
•  Fast network switching of less than 3S (hot backup mode)
•  Multiple backup strategies including hot backup/cold backup/load balancing
•  Interfaces: 1xWAN, 4xLAN, WiFi, POE, Digital Input
•  POE (LAN), up to 30W per port, extra 20W for redundancy
•  WiFi: support AP or client.
•  DI port designed for ignition control
•  Flexible management methods: Web/SMS/CLI/RobustLink
•  High EMC level
•  Temperature range: -40° to 70176C
•  Humidity: 5% to 95%
•  Input voltage: 9 to 48VDC
•  Mounting options: DIN-rail, wall, desktop


•  In-vehicle applications
•  Point of sales
•  ATM
•  Remote medical imaging
•  Surveillance
•  Telecommunication

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