Semi-custom Lithium battery packs

Next to the CellPac LITE (range of standard Lithium-Ion packs), VARTA Storage GmbH now introduces the CellPac BLOX semi-custom service. CellPac BLOX suits those customers in need of semi-customization and where design-cycles, engineering costs and time to market must be minimized for success. Battery designs are limited in their complexity, but available for nearly no NRE cost and development effort.

You can choose the battery configuration, cells, capacity combination PCM and connector. Up to 25 samples can be ordered to test and validate the design.

There is an NRE (Non-Recurring Engineering) charge. NRE is kept as low as possible. Your battery will be a new design, with its own part number. As well as the new drawing, there will be manufacturing and quality documentation established. Fixtures will be produced to ensure repeatable quality and UN38.3 testing and certification is mandatory.

CellPac BLOX battery can be certified for special requirements, such as IEC62133 edition 2.
Additional certification is possible for medium-to-high volume projects but more time and effort is involved. Please discuss your individual requirements with us.

Why use CellPac BLOX?
Compared to a fully customised design, CellPac BLOX gives you:
•  A better technical fit than an off-the-shelf design
•  Faster product launch
•  Lower costs for battery development
•  Lower MOQs

CellPac BLOX cell options


Cylindrical cells
Nominal capacity range: 2150mAh to 2950mAh


Prismatic cells
Nominal capacity range: 1130mAh to 2030mAh


Polymer cells
Nominal capacity range: 150mAh to 1880mAh

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