Vortex86 SX/DX/DX2 industrial PCs

x86 with Extensive S/W support. Wide range of development resources. Ease of migration, integration and maintenance. Low power consumption, fanless design. Simplified solution for heat dissipation


3.5 inch SBC with Vortex86DX2
3.5 inch SBC with Vortex86DX2, 1GB/4MB, SATA DOM, VGA/LVDS, USB, PS/2

Fanless Box PC with Vortex86EX
Fanless small Box PC with DM&P Vortex86EX 400 MHz, VGA/USB, VESA support, 5 VDC

ETX Module with Vortex86DX3
ETX Computer-on-Module with Vortex86DX3, 1GB DDR3 / 8GB storage, LVDS, I²C, LAN, PCI/ ISA

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