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Programmable oscillator & small RTCs

Epson SG - 24hrs delivery programmable oscillators increased frequency range and improved frequency tolerance. RX-Integrated Module of RTC IC & Crystal; Low power and accurate


Programmable crystal oscillator: SG-8101
Crystal oscillator (programmable), 0.67 ~ 170 MHz (1 ppm step)

Programmable crystal spread-spectrum oscillator: SG-9101
Crystal spread-spectrum oscillator (programmable), 0.67 ~ 170 MHz (1 ppm step)

Real time clock: RX8130CE
Real time clock RX8130CE, 5 ± 23ppm, I²C bus

Real time clock: RX8900CE-UA
Real time clock RX8900CE-UA, 3.4ppm, I²C bus, -40 to 85 °C

Real time clock: RX8900CE-UB
Real time clock RX8900CE-UB, 5ppm, I²C bus, -40 to 85 °C

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