Plug-and-Play with most flexible mounting.

    The ultra-compact BGS2 Terminal incorporates the latest generation of powerful 2G wireless modules featuring a Quad-Band GSM/GPRS baseband, TCP/IP connectivity based on GPRS class 10 data transmission and outstanding low power consumption.

    Ideal for first time M2M implementers and small scale deployments, the BGS2 Terminal offers reliable, cost-effective, out-of-the-box M2M communications for a variety of industrial applications such as metering, security, transportation, remote monitoring and control and more.


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Type of product Terminal   
Technology GPRS   
Digital interface RS-232 , RS-485   
Antenna interface SMA female   
Application market Industrial , Transportation , Monitoring   


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GPRS Cellular Terminal with SMA antenna interface and RS-232 or RS-485 digital interface
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