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Manufacturer series RAFIX 22 QR   
Product family RAFIX 22QR Pushbutton   
Panel cut-out 22.3 mm   
Contact function Latching   
Collar Round   
IP rating IP65   
Manufacturer part   
Mounting Ring nut   
Illuminated Yes   

2+ € 14.72

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RAFIX 22QR CONTACT BLOCK 1NC Ag screw terminal 1201240010000-RAFI View product
RAFIX 22QR CONTACT BLOCK 2NC Ag screw terminal 1201240190000-RAFI View product
RAFIX 22 QR & FS+ Fixing spanner for ring nut 5058000620000-RAFI View product
Label round 22.3/60mm without legend 5762041000400-RAFI View product
Label round 22.3/60mm 1 x "NOT-AUS" 5762041010400-RAFI View product
Label round 22.3/60mm "NOT-HALT EMERGENCY STOP" 5762041070400-RAFI View product
Label round 22.3/60mm 4x"NOT-HALT" 5762041090400-RAFI View product
Label round 22.3/40mm 4x"EMERGENCY STOP" 5762041210400-RAFI View product
Emergency stop label rectangular 36x64 w/o legend 5762050110400-RAFI View product

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