RS-232 Serial Adapter for Android Devices

ACCES I/O has released a new USB serial interface board, the ANDROID-232. Users can now control legacy RS-232 devices directly from modern android devices. The ANDROID-232 uses the Android Open Accessory protocol to convince an android device that its onboard USB port is actually an RS-232 port. This two way data port allows external hardware to control the android unit and vice-versa. Serial data up to 921.6kbps is supported. Onboard circuitry will provide power to charge your android device while connected. Multiple status and fault LEDs complete the package, and allow simple and convenient confirmation of operational state.

This small industrial/military grade product features industrial temperature operation ideal for outdoor applications, harsh industrial surroundings, or military use. Also, a hard line wired connection eliminates security concerns associated with Wi-Fi and other radio frequency solutions. The ANDROID-232 is feature-rich and allows for the connection of RS-232 serial devices, ideal for a variety of applications.

•   Android USB 2.0 full-speed host to industry standard
•   RS-232 DB9M serial port
•   Supports UART interface with RX, TX, RTS and CTS
•   RX buffer size 5512 bytes; TX buffer size 256 bytes
•   Supports baud rates up to 460.8kbps (921.6kbps optional)
•   Use with any android platform supporting android Open
•   Accessory Mode
•   Status and fault LEDs
•   Supports USB charging for android devices
•   +/-15kV ESD protection on USB data lines and all RS-232 signals
•   Type A USB connector features industrial strength high-retention design
•   Latching +5V external power input connector
•   Includes 115VAC to +5V regulated external power supply adaptor
•   Industrial operating temperature (-40° to +85°C) standard
•   RoHS Compliant

•   Control high-tech electronics in military and industrial environments
•   Connecting android phones and tablets to serial accessories
•   Controlling instrumentation from android devices
•   Home automation via android devices
•   Industrial automation

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