Qseven and SMARC form factor BT boards

Building on two of the most recent form factors on the market, the Qseven and Smart Mobility Architecture (SMARC) form factors, the AQ7-BT and uCOM-BT are AAEON's latest solutions powered by the low-power consuming, yet versatile Intel® Atom™/ Celeron® E3800 processors.

The AQ7-BT measures 70x70mm and supports the Qseven 2.0 design specs/pin layout and is the successor to the AQ7-LN. It uses 50% less power while delivering better performance due to the use of the new chips. Additionally, the board can be operated by a battery to increase mobility.

If the AQ7-BT is still considered too big for your application, the uCOM-BT will be up to the task with its even smaller, SMARC form factor, which measures 82 x 50mm. Designed specifically for use in mobile devices, the board consumes as low as 6W of power and packs functionalities that optimizes on-the-go applications, such as HD audio and FHD displays, wireless capabilities, and I/O expansions. Similar to the AQ7-BT, the uCOM-BT can also run on batteries.

AQ7-BT features
•  Intel® Atom™ E3800 CPU, SoC
•  Onboard DDR3L up to 4GB
•  Gigabit Ethernet
•  18/24-bit single channel LVDS LCD/eDP, DDI
•  High definition audio interface
•  2 SATA, one for onboard SSD
•  6 USB2.0, USB3.0, LPC/GPIO, 3 PCI-Express [x1]
•  Qseven Rev. 2.0, dimensions: 70mm x 70mm

uCOM-BT features
•  Intel® Atom™ E3800 & N2807 CPU family, SoC
•  Onboard DDR3L up to 4GB
•  Gigabit Ethernet
•  18/24-bit single channel LVDS, HDMI
•  High definition audio interface
•  2 SATA
•  2 USB2.0, USB3.0, GPIO up to 12-bit
•  3 PCI-Express [x1]
•  SMARC Spec v1.1, dimensions: 82mm x 50mm

The AQ7-BT and uCOM-BT are optimized for applications demanding compactness, low power consumption and mobility. They perfectly suit application such as handheld devices, robotic arms and portable testing equipment.

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