High performing platform for robotics and more

The AQ7-BT from AAEON Technology is a 70mm x 70mm Qseven module with Qseven rev.2.0 specification. This board is powered by an Intel® Atom™ E3800 or Celeron® N2807 product family processor SoC with 2GB of onboard DDR3L memory. It accommodates PCI-Express[x1] slots, SMBus, I2C bus, and SDIO interface for expansion.

Furthermore the AQ7-BT features 18/24-bit single-channel LVDS and DDI which can convert to DP/HDMI or other digital display format, GbE Ethernet (depending on SKU); and USB 3.0/2.0, SATA II, and serial ports for I/O.

Offering 4x the performance at 30% less power than its predecessor, the AQ7-BT packs the attributes most sought after in today's energy conscious industry.The small 70x70mm board gives a lot of opportunities, especially for upgrading! Simply remove the old one, pop in a new one and you are ready to go!For storage requirements the AQ7-BT opts for the modern SSDs. With up to 64GB available, it is unparalleled with other competitors on the market.

•  Intel® Atom™ E3800 or Celeron® N2807 series processor SoC
•  Onboard DDR3L 2GB memory
•  18/24-bit single-channel LVDS, DP/HDMI
•  High definition audio interface
•  GbE
•  2 SATA, one shared with onboard SATA SSD (SLC/MLC, up to 32GB)
•  USB3.0 & 6 USB2.0
•  3 PCI-Express [x1]
•  Qseven rev. 2.0, 70 x 70mm

•  Automation
•  Handheld devices
•  Scientific research
•  Hazmat management

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