Projected Capacitive XcalibuR multi-touch screen with sizes up to 21.5-inch

RockTouch is specialized in the development and production of affordable PCAP fronts according to industrial requirements.
The XcalibuR series are new PCAP touch sensors supplemented with a controller based on the EETI3000 chipset.

The XcaliburR touch screen is available in the sizes from 10.1"wide up to 21.5"wide.
They are available with a cover glass thicknesses of 3mm and 6mm (vandal proof), up to 10mm is usable for standard and industrial requirements.

The XcalibuR series feature a maximum of 10 contact points on the touch screen, supports USB, RS232 and I2C interface, has 4 fixing holes, works with gloves, use of pencil is possible.
The Excalibur is developed for high end applications.

•   Supports USB, RS-232 and I2C interfaces
•   Signal noise ratio (SNR) 32V (highest in the market)
•   Size from 10.1"wide up to 21.5"wide
•   4 fixing holes for grounding
•   6 pin 1 mm pitch
•   Multi-touch up to 10 points
•   Pencil supported
•   Working with gloves
•   Top glass maximum thickness is 10mm
•   Air Gap support to use your own cover glass
•   Palm- and water rejection

•   Kiosk
•   ATM
•   POS
•   Industrial
•   Amusement
•   AIO applications

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