Standard Smart Batteries with optimized energy density

RRC Power Solutions has expanded its product portfolio with three additional high energy standard Li-Ion SMBus battery packs. These batteries are SMBus & SBDS Rev 1.1 compliant, meet the JEITA standards (required for export to Japan) and have worldwide approvals and certificates such as UN38.3.

The RRC2040-2 is a 3S2P pack with 11.25V, 6400mAh and 72Wh. Two additional batteries are the RRC2054 and RRC2057, which share the same housing dimensions, but have different ratings. The RRC2054 is a 4S1P unit with 15V, 3200mAh and 48Wh. The RRC2057 has a 2S2P cell configuration with 7.5V, 6400mAh and 48Wh.

The temperature-dependent load profiles of the batteries increase safety and also lead to a maximized cycle life of the batteries. Used in combination with RRC's plug-and-play battery chargers, they can be optimized and accelerate charging. By using the Impedance Track technology, you will no longer need to manually calibrate the battery. The use of Cell Balancing leads to maximum available capacity and to longer life. The battery packs have comprehensive charge/discharge safety systems as well as passive safety electronics, and worldwide agency certification approvals, and international recycling support.

The RRC products are available for all our customers in Europe. For shipments that demand airfreight additional expensive transport cost will be charged and destinations are very limited by new strict UN IATA regulations.

Standard range Li-ion battery packs
Model no.VoltageCapacityEnergy
RRC202414.4 V6600 mAh95.0Wh
RRC202011.25 V8850 mAh99.6Wh
RRC204011.25 V2950 mAh33.2Wh
RRC2040-211.25 V6400 mAh72.0Wh
RRC205415.0 V3200 mAh48.0Wh
RRC20577.5V6400 mAh48.0Wh

•  Li-ion battery packs, up to 8850mAh
•  SMBus & SBDS Rev 1.1 compliant
•  Fulfils JEITA standards
•  Fastest charging, maximized cycle life
•  Impedance tracking and cell balancing
•  Comprehensive charging/discharging and passive safety systems
•  Worldwide approvals (UL, CE, FCC and UN)

•  Tablet PC's
•  Notebooks
•  Industrial portable devices
•  Medical mobile devices

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