CotoMOS solid state relays designed for telecom applications

Coto Technology has announced the release of the CotoMOS® CTA17/CSA17, a new addition to their CotoMOS® product line of solid state relays. The CTA17/CSA17 series features a current switching capability to 120mA with a low on-resistance of 30 ohms (max.).

Designed for telecommunications, these CotoMOS® solid state relays combine a CotoMOS® MOSFET relay with an integrated photocoupler. The CTA17/CSA17 series is a part of Coto's newest product line of professional-grade MOSFET relays, which provide a high performance, solid-state solution for applications requiring low input power and virtually unlimited life. The CotoMOS® CTA17/CSA17 features a 1A contact form and comes in either a 8-pin through-hole or 8-pin surface mount package.

•  1A contact form
•  Load voltage: 350V max.
•  Operation LED current: 3.0mA max.
•  Load current: 120mA max.
•  On-resistance: 30 ohms max.
•  Low off-state leakage current: 1.0uA max.
•  I/O breakdown voltage: 3750Vrms max.

•  Telecom switching
•  Dial pulsing
•  Modem switching
•  Loop current sensing
•  On/off hook control
•  Ring current detection

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