Waterproof long range active RFID TAG

The COIN series from ELA Innovation is a series of long range active RFID tags operating at a frequency of 433MHz. Compared with passive RFID tags, active tags can generally be interrogated at a greater distance, and their signals can pass more readily through a trailer wall or other materials.

The read range of these tags can reach up to 100 meters (in open air) with a battery life of 10 years or more. The smallest tag in the COIN series measures just 36mm in diameter and 10mm in thickness. ELA innovation offers a wide range of active RFID readers to facilitate integration of your RFID solution.

The COIN series is available three version: a standard-, a high capacity- and an OEM board version.

•  Ultra compact, 36mm diameter, 10mm thickness
•  433MHz operating frequency
•  Robust design, IP68 waterproof
•  Resistant to shocks and chemical agents
•  User-definable tag identifier (RW)
•  High distance range: up to 80 meters (open field)
•  Autonomy: up to 10 years
•  Compact anti-hanging shape

People safety: a typical application example

How can you automatically count the people entering a construction site or detect people walking near construction equipment?

A long-range COIN ID RFID tag fixed to people's helmets can be used to detect the direction of their movement as they pass in front of the reader terminal, without any action on their part.

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