LTE Cat. 1 modules from SIMCom

LTE Cat. 1 makes strong comeback in IoT

The demand for LTE Cat 1 in IoT applications has slowly and steadily been gaining pace. One reason is that IoT product developers are always looking to "future proof" their solutions by anticipating their bandwidth requirements down the road, and Cat. 1 is the clear successor to Cat-M1. To support this demand, SIMCom has introduced a new line up of LTE Cat. 1 modules.

 Only 10% of the M2M applications require high-speed connections, while 60% transmits a few dozen bytes a day and only need low-data rate speed connections. The remaining 30% of the M2M applications need a medium-data rate connection and can be serviced efficiently with LTE Cat. 1. Facing the LTE Cat.1 boom, SIMCom has launched a number of LTE Cat. 1 modules that offer the flexibility afforded by 10 Mbps downloads and 5 Mbps uploads.


The modules below can help to quickly upgrade from 2G/3G to 4G, while meeting multiple cost demands and technical requirements.



Small sized LTE Cat. 1 module

  • Ultra-compact: 24x24x2.3mm
  • LGA
  • LTE Cat. 1 + GSM
  • FOTA, Audio, TSS, LBS
  • Compatible with SIM800 / SIM7070




 Cost-effective LTE Cat. 1 module

  • Size: 30x30x2.5mm
  • LCC+LGA package
  • Compatible with SIM7600




 LTE Cat. 1 global all-in-one module

  • Size: 30x30x2.9mm
  • LCC+LGA package
  • 21 LTE bands, 7 different 3G bands, 2G fallback
  • FOTA, Audio, TSS, LBS
  • mPCIE version avaliable





 Complete multi-band

  • Size: 24x27mm
  • LGA
  • LTE global coverage
  • Multi-constellation GNSS receiver support
  • mPCIE version avaliable





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