LoRa based IIoT Network Solutions

LoRa technology currently creates the biggest waves in the realm of Industrial Internet of Things Solutions (IIoT). LoRa’s success is based on its main advantages:
  • support of a large number nodes in the network
  • very low power wireless communication
  • wide area coverage
  • secure communication
  • a choice between capex (Private Network) and/or opex (Provider Network) implementations

Texim Europe offers all elements (HW & SW) to create and support a LoRa based IIoT Solution optimally designed for your business case. This page and our demonstration on the embedded world 2018 exhibition in Nuremberg show some of our capabilities.
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Please contact us to discuss a bespoke solution targeted at your specific requirements.
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Architecture options

Below table lists some differences between typical LoRa Network architectures on some main aspects to be considered. Hybrid models between Private infrastructure and Provider based solutions are also possible.

Architecture options

End Devices

  • LoRa end devices with integrated sensors
    • Fully functional LoRa nodes with sensors already included
  • LoRa end devices with Sensor I/Os
    • Fully functional LoRa devices with connection possibilities for sensors/ actuators
  • LoRa modules to integrate with sensor devices
    • Modules enabling easy development of customised sensor applications with LoRa connectivity
end devices

LoRa Gateways/ Servers

The gateway sets up the LoRa connection with the LoRa node. The right gateway together with optimal placement, wireless radio, and antenna is crucial for a stable and secure connection within the IIoT application.

LoRa Gateways/ Servers

In a single gateway set up it is possible to also run the LoRaWAN server on the same device. The AAEON LoRa Gateway is powerful enough to run both packet forwarder and LoRaWAN server.

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For multiple gateway architectures the LoRaWAN server needs to run on a separate central HW platform in order to properly manage the LoRa network. There are very many options for server HW.
Please check here which product matches your requirements. Call us anytime for assistance as there are many more options than we can show on our web site.

Networking equipment

To establish more complicated wired or wireless communication network environments you may need routers and (managed) switches.

Please check here for options:
Networking equipment

Platform choice

Another important decision to be made is the implementation of the IoT SW platform. There are many possibilities and offerings ranging from freely available tools, through PaaS (Platform as a Service) models up to perpetual licensed platform solutions.

To establish a complete Private LoRa IoT platform solution the following SW elements should be configured in any case:
  • Packet forwarder - on every gateway in network
  • LoRaWAN server - on separate HW platform or integrated on gateway (single gateway networks only)

Other SW elements need to run on a separate server platform (or in the cloud):
  • Protocol translation (i.e. MQTT or HTTP server)
  • Data handling/ Visualisation
  • Time series database
  • Analysis/ predictive maintenance SW

This can be implemented by using freeware, through a Platform as a Service (PaaS) arrangement or license/ subscription based SW platforms.

Freeware options are for example: Mosquitto for MQTT server, Node-Red and Grafana for data handling/ dashboard and InfluxDB for time series database.

Texim Europe offers a Platform as a Service option called RESIOT. Please contact us to discuss
available options.
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Finally there are many licensed or subscription based IoT platform solutions like Thingworx, Microsoft Azure, IBM Watson and Amazon AWS to name but a few each with their own features and advantages.

LoRa / IIoT Solutions

LoRa sensors and devices title
Low power and battery operated LoRa and Sigfox sensor devices, pulse input devices and field test devices.

LoRa node title
Develop your own tailored LoRa node. The node enables developers and system integrators to easy develop their own application with LoRa connectivity.

LoRa/3G/GPS trackers title
Autonomous devices for geolocation applications on LoRa/LoRaWAN network.

LoRa/LoRaWAN gateway & network servers title
LoRa/LoRaWAN gateway & network server with Intel Atom x5-Z8350 CPU supporting connectivity protocols like LoRa, Bluetooth, WiFi and 3G.

Industrial Ethernet & PoE switches title
Redundant & managed industrial switches with Power over Ethernet

DIN-rail AC/DC power supplies title
DIN rail power supplies available in 15, 30, 50 and 100W, with choice of 12-15, 24 and 48VDC outputs.

Industrial wireless gateways for IIoT applications title
Industrial wireless gateways with multi WAN & connectivity suitable for a variety of protocols and security options.

Compact embedded BOX PCs with rich functionality title
Slim, palm-sized, fanless BOX PCs with Intel Celeron J1900/N2807 CPU providing adequate computing power capabilities

All-in-one industrial touch Panel PCs title
12.1 to 21.5 inch industrial all-in-one panel PC with PCAP & resistive touch options, enhanced thermal management system and full I/O port support.

Compact industrial panel PCs title
10.1 inch Intel Celeron N2930, fanless industrial compact size panel PC with PCAP touch in aluminium casing.

Industrial rugged IP65 tablets title
Rugged indutrial tablets compliant with MIL-STD-810G and IP65 rating. The RTC Series can withstand a variety of harsh conditions; such as water, vibration and shock, and extreme temperatures.

Control component series and signal lamps title
Control components and signal lamp series distinguished by its diversity and modularity

IP Security cameras title
Super HD IP PoE security camera, 4MP, 2560x1440

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