Dog Washing Station
Co-design of waterproof HMI system
Case study

Durable HMI combined with a reliable computing platform

A durable human machine interface and reliable computing platform with guaranteed longevity inside the most advanced Dog Wash will keep all four-legged family members clean and pleased.


  • Must be operated in a wet environment
  • Vandal resistant
  • 5 year longevity

  • IP65 front panel
  • PCAP with 3mm cover glass and custom firmware
  • Mini-ITX with quad-core Intel Bay-Trail SoC

  • Reliable touch-experience in all conditions
  • Efficient and lasting technology
  • Total solution tailored to customers’ requirements

The challenges we faced

The Dog Wash is a washing station for man’s best friend, from the playful youngsters to the loyal old-timers. To be able to wash each dog, requirements have been drawn up for a cleaning application that can withstand the dry-shaking of a pack Shih Tzu’s and the paws of a Great Dane.

At Texim Europe we made recommendations based on requirements of the customer, and delivered a tailored computing & human machine interface solution that lasts while washing all dogs.

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The technology inside

Because space wasn’t an issue and due to only a single supply voltage being available; the economically sound and feature rich Mini-ITX computing platform was recommended for unmatched value for money performance. Inside the Dog Wash, a quad-core processor and fast industrial grade SSD & memory is mounted on the computing board for guaranteed maximum customer experience.

The washing station is operated with a PCAP touchscreen on which customized firmware is developed for optimal operation in wet conditions. A robust 3mm oversized cover glass is mounted in front of the touchscreen to protect and seal the application, making it vandal resistant and giving the Dog Wash an IP65 Ingress Protection rating. The fine-tuned PCAP with tough front glass ensures that the display and computing platform remain in operation during the cleaning of the most rebellious and adventurous canine.

The solution we promised

All technology solutions implemented in the Dog Wash are connected with custom designed cables to ensure a flawless and durable connection between embedded computing platform, displays and touchscreen. The testing and support of prototypes, and finalizing the computing & human machine interface solution was all done in-house at Texim Europe to ensure a tailored working solution.

What we accomplish together

Together with our clients we create lasting technology solutions to industrial requirements. Our engineering team thrives on finding solutions for any display, touch and computing application. Contact us to present us your idea or challenge, we are ready to deliver lasting technology solutions to industrial requirements.

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