Park Assist Touchscreen Kiosk
Vital customer interface for car finding solution
Case study

Premium public-facing kiosk for advanced parking systems

Forming a vital human machine interface for car finding systems in parking areas, the Touchscreen Kiosk is an important element in favour of the entire parking experience.


  • Placed in wide varity of environments
  • Vandal resistant
  • Location conscious

  • Kiosk for every climate
  • Custom micro-wire capacitive touch with 6mm strengthened top glass
  • Industrial Box PC with dual-core Intel Embedded SoC

  • Guaranteed worldwide reliable operation
  • Long-lasting interactive control unit
  • Optimum operational infrastructure & supply chain service

More often than not car drivers find themselves covering large areas in parking garages before finally finding a parking space for their vehicle. Today, modern parking solutions are able to guide drivers directly into a free parking space without any hassle. Upon returning at the parking facility, one wants to leave as quickly as possible, with no time to walk in circles and search endlessly for their vehicle. In an instant the Touchscreen Kiosk guides drivers directly to their vehicle.

The kiosk’s interior

In the already tight parking lots and garages the space of the kiosk must be utilized optimal and remain highly operable. A large 27-inch 1080p industrial display is placed at eye-level for clear operation of the kiosk. To further improve the experience a rugged multi-touchscreen is mounted in front of the display, the customized capacitive touchscreen with anti-glare coating and 6mm tough front glass fits perfect in the kiosk’s housing. Together with the vandal-resistant exterior the kiosk can withstand any head-on collision with hasty drivers; the Touchscreen Kiosk is an interactive control unit at the centre of any parking experience.

Wondering how we handle your challenge?
Driving the kiosk is a fanless embedded Box PC that is no short of features & processing power, and connects users with the entire parking system. An easy to use interactive user interface running on state-of-the art technology inside the embedded PC lets users experience a smooth operation of the kiosk. For excellent image processing customized firmware for the A/D kit is developed to drive the 27-inch TFT LCD display to an optimum.

At all times, the embedded controller must work in an enclosed environment. To guarantee a lasting & stable operation no moving parts are present in the fanless industrial Box PC.

Long term parking

A product can only operate reliable at all times when taking the environment into account. Whether the placing of the kiosk is indoor or sheltered outdoor; worldwide planned locations of modern parking lots require a product that complies with worldwide standards for high-humid, extreme temperature, and coastal/saline environments. The Touchscreen Kiosk is able to operate in any climate. Due to the kiosk’s modular build an additional integrated thermostat can be placed in the enclosure to influence atmospheric factors inside.

Designated parking solution

All technology solutions implemented in the kiosk have a guaranteed industrial longevity. The longevity contributes to less maintenance, only one system has to be maintained and supported.

The Touchscreen Kiosk is shipped to anywhere in the world from our warehouse, ready to be deployed by the end customer and enhance any parking experience.

What we accomplish together

Together with our clients we create lasting technology solutions to industrial requirements. Our engineering team thrives on finding solutions for any display, touch and computing application. Contact us to present us your idea or challenge, we are ready to deliver lasting technology solutions to industrial requirements.

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